Right at the very beginning of the 1st lock down I was really looking forward to some rest and relaxation. As I was employed full time before I started running One to One Wellness. I worked in a very busy exclusive spa in North Yorkshire, where the guests only expect the best. The work load was full on, and not much time for breaks and coming up for air.. I was extremely lucky that the company I work for looked after their staff and we were put on furlough and I did not have a mortgage to pay so a reduction in my wage was not too detrimental to me.


For the first few weeks it was a bit like being retired, I was lucky to be able to spend more time with my husband and enjoy our home, the fact that we couldn’t mix with neighbours and friends didn’t really impact us as we live quite isolated anyway, we have no immediate neighbours, unless you count the sheep…

I really missed seeing my immediate family but like millions of others became a whiz on  video calls…

After the first few weeks I started to look at my work life balance and realised it was more work than balance so I decided to do something about it. There are certain areas of my job that I love and parts that I don’t so I thought wouldn’t it be great to be able to just do the things I love, that set me thinking….

What are my favourites, that was easy, Massage, Reiki and Meditation. So now how to incorporate only these into my work life balance, this is where One to One Wellness came to the fore…..

I also find that working with a guest in the spa does not give me enough time with that guest, you don’t have time for conversation and suggesting ways to help guests if you feel they need more of your attention. What I wanted was to be able to give guests time, and as we all know this is the most precious commodity anyone has. That is what I have done with One to One Wellness, which hopefully comes across as you read the information in the website…


It was a big decision to get a website as it is not something that I could do on my own, and luckily I found out about   https://www.colouritin.co.uk/

Although there was quite a substantial cost involved, at this time of being in furlough I decided to bite the bullet and go for it, my husband and family have been very supportive which has helped me greatly.

So you can see that being in lock down gave me the time I needed to complete the task.

I revisited all my skill sets and did lots of revision and realised how much knowledge I have that I don’t share with spa guests, so to be able to share this knowledge with One to One Wellness guests is totally amazing.


I do understand that less rather than more people can say that lock down benefited them, and I do know how lucky I am to come out of this strange year feeling positive. It is this positivity that I can pass onto my guests and make them feel better about themselves.


As the world is now slowly coming back to normal, I continue to work in the spa but greatly reduced hours, so that I have time for myself and family, One to One Wellness comes under ‘my time’ because helping others is something that gives me great pleasure.