Nearly all of us will meditate at some point, although you won’t realise it. Meditation is not a cultural thing, nor is it a religion or connected only to yoga which a lot of people do think. It is available to each and every one of us. You don’t have to be physically fit or strong, nor do you have to be clever or studious being you is enough.


One of the main reasons I hear that prevents people from meditation is `I don’t have time`

It doesn’t have to be an hour out of your day, ten minutes can work wonders once you get to grips with the principles of meditation.


Why should I meditate?

There are various reasons …

Better Health

Sharpen your mind

Awareness of your body and mind

Balance emotions

Finding peace and quiet

Resting your brain


Now we have established why we should meditate, and how it helps us lets discover how we meditate.


OK if you have never done meditation before, it does take practice to get the best out of it, but then so does lots of other things that we take for granted like driving, playing sport, cooking, baking, crafting….etc. Most of us will do one or more of these things and not even think about it, well eventually you can be like that with meditation. Think of it as another skill.


I meditate anywhere at any time, it can be while I am on a bus, walking, reading, watching TV but the best meditation is when I consciously give myself time to meditate.

Preparation is always a good place to start,make sure you are somewhere comfortable, warm and safe. Your favourite cosy chair, or sitting on the floor with cushions is also another good option, at the beginning I wouldn’t recommend laying down, as you will probably fall asleep and this is not what you want. Maybe have throws or blankets to hand as sometimes as you relax your body cools down and just having something around your shoulders or legs or both makes all the difference.

A good start is also to give your body a good stretch and relax into them because if you are physically relaxed, it will be easier for your brain to relax. A really good way to start is by taking in a big breath and releasing it gently, then repeat this twice more. Now you are physically prepared you can begin your meditation.


The simplest and effective meditation is breathing meditation, once you have yourself sitting, keep your back straight and let your gaze rest about three feet in front of you, or close your eyes if you prefer, gently rest your left hand on left knee and right hand on right knee.

Breath normally through your nose if possible, if you are feeling any tension anywhere let it relax and melt away.

Count ten out breaths, and then start again for another ten.During these breaths you may have thoughts that distract you, but do not dwell on them, let them pass and continue with counting your breath. At the end of your last ten slowly bring your awareness back to the present, and think about how you feel, for switching off, for a few minutes.

Try and do this every day and you will slowly start to notice a difference as simple as this technique is the benefits you can get are reduced anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, less mental chatter,promotes ability to focus the mind.

The idea is to build up slowly as the more you meditate the greater the benefits.


A good book for you to get started is called “The Meditation Bible” Written by Madonna Gauding

In the book she explains all about mediation and the different ways to meditate from complete novice.


I have recorded a short five minute meditation for you to follow if you would like to try, click on the link below.


If it doesn’t work, as my technology skills are not the best you will find it on my Facebook page Kath Ballinger, the one with my logo as my picture.

Thanks for reading, hope it has inspired you……