After spending lots of time getting my courses put together and getting them accredited so that my students can gain their own insurance and start their own business, I can now offer them out to you.

With the two massage courses, Full Body Holistic Massage & Holistic Facial Massage you need to have done or be doing a Anatomy and Physiology certificate, these can be done online. If you are doing it alongside my course I will not be able to give you a certificate until I see your completion / certificate of the A&P you have done.

I am also able to offer Reiki level One, Two and Masters. For you to progress you need to start at the beginning which is the level one, this enables you to work on yourself and build up the strength of the Reiki energy. A few weeks later you can do level two, this means you are now a practitioner and can offer Reiki to others. The next step is master, but this is better done quite a long time after level two, at least 2 years as there is quite a bit to it. You do not need any previous qualifications to start your level One.

For any more information about any of the above or the cost of each of the courses available please contact me through my contact page, only too happy to give you as much information as you need.

Love & Light Kath