From birth to death…

…how do you treat the largest organ of your body ?

Which is… your skin.

Your skin acts like a protective barrier by producing sebum and sweat which acts as a anti-bacterial agent to stop micro-organisms from multiplying on the skin, and the top layers of the skin overlap like scales to stop any micro-organisms entering. Skin also has fat cells which protect bones and major organs from being injured.

Skin produces melanin which helps to protect us from ultra violet light.

Skin helps in the regulation of body temperature.

Skin is very sensitive to different stimuli, like hot, cold, pressure and pain. So in turn protects us from these stimuli, or helps us to enjoy them, as when we have a massage.

Skin also produces sweat, which contains waste products and toxins which is good for our detoxification process.

So the question was how do you treat it, maybe not as well as you should..

We all cleanse our skin, but do you exfoliate, do you moisturise and do you protect it ? If not why not? Thinking about what your skin does for you it deserves to be looked after, after all you cannot replace when it gets damaged or worn out.

So how should we treat our skin, when cleansing use products that are made from natural ingredients.Take a look at , they make their own products from natural ingredients and are based in Yorkshire.

Exfoliating is important as new skin cells are being made all the time, the dead skin cells that collect on the surface of the skin need to be removed, as if these are allowed to build up we get dry itchy skin, that does not respond when we moisturise. When choosing an exfoiliater it can be a physical one in the form of a bristle brush or loofah, best done on the body rather than the face, or a product that has salt, sugar or some other granular medium encapsulated within a balm or lotion.

Moisturising with really nourishing body oils, balms, butters or lotions is like giving the skin a new lease of life. Again I recommend you only use products that are 100% natural. Having exfoliated there are no dead skin cells there to prevent the moisturisers from doing their job.

Protection, this is very important if you are outside in the sunshine, if we remember what that is!! if your skin is exposed please use a sun block, as the rays of sun are very harmful to our skin, they cause premature ageing and can lead to skin cancers, and don’t forget to re-apply if you are outdoors for long periods, especially children.

As regards to your face you should use a sun block every single day of the year, because being exposed to the winter weather will cause premature ageing too. You can buy lots of facial products that have sun screen within them, if you want to go down the natural path, you may have to buy a separate sun screen, I found this website which sells them.

Use sun screen for your own protection.


Every morning apply your factor 50