As you may have read on my website that the first time I had a massage was quite a revelation for me. I felt so relaxed and revitalised that I wanted to help everyone to feel that way.


Since qualifying in Swedish Body massage, some 18yrs ago now, I have lost count of how many massages I have done. Lots of different bodies all with different  shapes and sizes, and specific problems, that needed my help. Being qualified in Swedish massage is, if you like, the start of the ladder when it comes to working with muscular problems, there are many more people out there that are far more qualified than me, and I will be the first to admit that. I will always advice my guest if I think they could get more help from someone more qualified than myself, I would be giving them a unsatisfactory service otherwise.


It always amazes me how I can have a guest who is quite tense and stressed getting on my couch to not wanting to move from my couch after I have finished their treatment. For me I put this down to the fact that I work with Reiki, which is a universal life energy, and whenever I start to work on a person this energy comes forward so giving the guest that extra release of tension and stress. My next blog is all about Reiki, so you may want to read more about this amazing therapy. There is always a full consultation done before I begin so we know what their areas of concern are, a lot of the time it is sore shoulders and necks, from working at a computer, or lower back aches and pains. So I always differ my routine to match my guest.


When it comes to products used to massage with my own personal choice is coconut oil, it is 100% natural and sinks into the skin amazingly well. There are of course quite a few other options like grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, massage creams and oils that have aromatherapy oils added, as a therapist it tends to be what suits them, but of course if the guest has a preference or maybe an allergy to certain things, then I will accommodate them. On some occasions I have had guests bring their own oil for me to use, and I am perfectly fine with that.


The routine for a massage does tend to follow what way the therapist likes to work, as a general rule we will start with the guest laying on their tummy, so massaging the back and back of legs first, then asking the guest to turn over and complete the massage on the front of the body, legs, arms and shoulders in that order. Every therapist will have their own way of working, so there really is no right or wrong way, so long as the moves are carried out correctly, not causing the guest real pain or discomfort. Generally a full body massage does not include the head and face, some therapists will also miss out the feet and hands. When I massage a guest I always include hands and feet, and their head and a light tense relieving massage on their face, if you have never had a face massage you don’t know what you have missed. I would rather give a longer treatment than feel like I have not done a complete job.


There are people that have never had a massage and are putting off trying it because of course they have to get undressed and they feel very uncomfortable about this. Please can I reassure these people that as a therapist I am always discreet, and at any time you are never totally uncovered, it is an art in using towels in a massage routine, but the only part of you that is uncovered is the part that is being massaged.


So if you have always thought you would like a massage then please get in touch and start your journey, I will admit there are probably a lot of people out there who really do not like massage, but it wouldn’t do for us all to be the same now would it ?

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