Next to massage this is a big passion of mine. What the heck is Reiki I here you say, it is pronounced Ra Key…..the long and the short of it is that it is working with our universal energy to provide you the receiver positive benefits to mind body and soul, and for myself as the practitioner the tools to give you this positive benefit.

So now I hear you ask “what is universal energy?”

Quantum Physics has proven that at the finest and most basic level, everything in existence is composed of energy. Universal Energy is the fundamental building block of creation. Everything in the Universe is created out of Universal Energy vibrating at different rates. Even thoughts and feelings are made of Universal Energy. Universal Energy also incorporates the essence of abundance because once we are attuned to it, it is available to us in infinite supply. It is given freely and it never runs out. In its higher forms, Universal Energy can be transmitted like radio waves, from one place to another…..

As a Reiki practitioner I have been attuned to this energy so I can transfer it to my guests for their benefit.  To receive the attunement

the receiver will prepare themselves by doing a 3 day cleanse which involves not eating highly processed food, no alcohol, no caffeine or at least limit it spend time meditating, and being in ones own space, and begin to open yourself up to greater powers.

There are 3 levels of attunement, 1st, 2nd, and Master, 1st degree is used if you only want to treat yourself or family, 2nd degree is used if you want to be a practitioner and work with the public , and Master gives you more knowledge and enables you to pass attunement onto others.

The person who gives you your attunement, is always a Reiki Master, this is someone who has greater knowledge than yourself, and has received a higher attunement. I would always recommend that any attunement is carried out in person, there are lots of online learning for reiki, which I cannot give any opinion on, it is really a very personal choice and personal feelings as you decided whether you want that personable approach, or online.

As a guest receiving Reiki, it is very simple, you do not need to undress, you can choose to sit or lie down, all you need to do is relax and let the process of healing begin. It can take anything between 30 and 50 minutes, you always need time to bring yourself back to the here and now after a treatment, as you may have fallen asleep, or been so relaxed that you won’t want to get up and leave straight away.

The healing process will continue after you have left and for days later, it is very beneficial if you have more than just one session, as the healing is boosted with each session, but if it is something that intrigues you having a one off session is fine, or even having it every three or or four months.

During the treatment you can have various feelings or no feelings at all, some guests have reported feeling tingling, changes in temperature, floating feeling, seeing colours and some will feel heat or cold coming from the practitioners hands. When I carry out Reiki I do not always lay my hands onto my guest, sometimes I will just have them slightly above their body, I work with my intuition as to where and if I need to place my hands.

If this has got you questioning more about Reiki, don’t hesitate to get in touch, or even better for you book a session with me and find out first hand what its all about.